Why Us

Choice, Trust, and Transparency

At Finity Risk, we pride ourselves on identifying any coverage gaps for our clients, providing multiple options for them to choose from, and ensuring that their policies remain aligned with their changing needs through regular Annual Reviews.

We value long-term relationships and the trust that our clients place in us. Our agents in Tampa, FL, are dedicated to providing personalized service and expert guidance on local insurance matters.

As a digital agency, we offer convenient online access to your insurance documents and the ability to make changes to your policy with ease. We have partnered with top-rated insurance carriers to provide our clients with the best coverage options available.

We're biased... Read what our customers say

Based on real customer reviews
Paula SenaGoogle Reviews
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All the people I personally know here are all amazing people! They are knowledgeable and helpful for your insurance needs. Amazing people = amazing service!
Jessie RajskiGoogle Reviews
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Hunting for insurance is a dreaded task, but Cassandra at Finity Risk is the antidote. She makes the process easy, convenient, and enjoyable! I sincerely enjoyed how she felt like a team player in my unique situation, and she was the perfect balance of friend and professional.
lisset BurkettGoogle Reviews
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Great company! Takes care of all my insurance questions and needs!
Jorge MarreroGoogle Reviews
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Heather and her team are great! They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond.
Ashley StephensGoogle Reviews
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Finity risk is a fantastic insurance company! Knowledgeable & great people to help assist and steer you in the right direction! Happily referring them to friends & family.
Emily BrownGoogle Reviews
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Finity Risk is simply fantastic! As a property management company, we rely on them for renters insurance for our tenants. Their service is fast, friendly, and their rates are unbeatable. Highly recommend them for anyone needing insurance!
Lombardo Team Real EstateGoogle Reviews
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Always provides great service for us and our clients. Fast, reliable and amazing customer service. I recommend using Finity Risk for all your insurance needs.
Jared KlineGoogle Reviews
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I have been very pleased with Finity Risk. Cassandra is fantastic to work with. She's extremely responsive and follows up quickly any time I reach out. She has also been quick to work with Citizens when there was something that need to be modified with my policy. Her help was especially important after Hurricane Ian with the large an ongoing claim. She was there each step of the way so that we could resolve the claim
Sean KGoogle Reviews
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Ask for Cassandra, she truly goes above and beyond! She cares about you and your personal situation above selling policies that don't fit your needs.

What Can an Independent Insurance Agent Do for You?

One of the biggest reasons to choose an independent insurance agent is that they can place business with multiple insurance companies. They also represent insurers that don’t sell directly to consumers. 

As a result, you’ll have access to many different companies and get competitive insurance quotes from a single source.

But that is not all!  Read more about the other reasons to consider an independent agent.

Meet the Team

Heather Morales

Heather loves talking to people about protecting the assets that matter most to them. She prides herself on finding insurance solutions for any situation and need.

As founder of Finity Risk insurance,  Heather designed the agency in 2019 with amazing associates and partners. She has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry and looks forward to building on her already expansive experience and knowledge of the industry

She enjoys the outdoors and will grab fresh air every chance she gets. Her adventures usually include paddle boarding, hiking, and being near the ocean.

Cassandra Hong

Cassandra is our resident insurance guru. Her attention to detail and passion for helping clients are what ensure her ability to establish the very best insurance policies for our client’s on-going needs.

Cassandra comes from a long and extensive business management background in logistics and has been applying her skills and experience to the world of insurance. She has developed an extensive proficiency in the personal lines P&C business and helps her clients from the first contact to servicing. 

When Cassandra is not originating new policies she is enjoying time camping, rockhounding, exploring calligraphy, photography, and spending time with her incredible family.

Cheryl Stephens

Cheryl is the original insurance master. With thirty-one years in the industry, she can find an answer to any question and enjoys providing those answers to the client in an easy and understandable way.

With Cheryl’s kind, caring, and can-do spirit she has been the go-to for her clients, assisting them with anything insurance, and getting them the best coverage for their needs.

Cheryl enjoys many activities, but the most important thing to her is spending time with her family and grandchildren.

Heather Marchetta

Heather Marchetta has been a Florida girl for over 40 years and is excited to navigate the unique challenges insurance brings to this great state.
She loves finding the greatest coverages for each unique need and looks forward to growing her knowledge and expanding her responsibilities within the agency.   
When she’s not chatting it up with clients,  she can be found playing with her fur babies!

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer has worked in the insurance field in the Tampa Bay area since 1997. Over the years, the industry has evolved and grown in many ways, but her commitment to customer satisfaction stays the same. She loves providing the best possible coverage for the least expensive price.

In her downtime, Jennifer likes to travel and spend time with her family and friends, loves animals, and is a forever friend of strays.

Stephanie Carberry

Stephanie’s unexpected journey into insurance is fueled by her love for helping people—easing minds, reducing stress, and saving money while providing essential coverage. Shaped by 13 years in the Army and National Guard, she values discipline, respect, and equality. From being a diesel mechanic to serving in an Aviation Unit, Stephanie embodies strength, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

Stephanie is an outdoor enthusiast and at the heart of her interests is a deep love for horses, finding solace and joy at the barn, surrounded by these wonderful animals. Stephanie’s connection to the outdoors extends beyond the barn, as she revels in camping and hiking adventures, embracing the beauty of nature. In the realm of artistic expression, Stephanie is a talented creator of stained-glass pictures and windows. Her dedication to this art form spans many years, showcasing her commitment and artistic flair. With four daughters and four grandchildren, her family holds a special place in her heart as well. 

Na’keil Watson

Na’keil Watson is a seasoned customer service aficionado. She is a New Orleans native and exudes Southern hospitality when engaging with customers. With a charming smile and a knack for making folks feel right at home, Na’keil’s years of experience in the field have made her a true expert in customer care.

While she might be new to the world of insurance, Na’keil is already dedicated to providing above-average customer satisfaction. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t just meet your needs; she goes above and beyond to tailor solutions that fit you perfectly.

When she’s not dazzling clients with her service, you’ll find Na’keil on adventures of her own. Her love for traveling, culinary creativity, and passion for trying new things from diverse cultures fills her free time with excitement. But nothing beats the joy of spending quality moments with her beloved family and friends, making her life a delightful mix of caring, curiosity, and connection.

Bonnie Chandler

Bonnie is our customer satisfaction champ with over two decades of receptionist experience! Her innate ability to make clients feel valued and heard has left a lasting impression on those she has served and earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and clients.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Bonnie finds immense joy in life’s simple pleasures. She has a deep-rooted love for gardening, nurturing plants, and watching them flourish. Her passion for rock hunting allows her to connect with the natural world on a profound level. However, the most cherished aspect of her life is her strong bonds with friends and family, as she wholeheartedly embraces the love and support they provide, making her an invaluable member of her community.